Who is Margery de Brus? And what does she do?

Margery de Brus is not a person. Well, not really. A very long time ago, a Scottish woman by the name of Marjorie, Countess of Carrick, married into the de Brus family and gave birth to a child named Robert. “Married into” is the polite version. Legend has it that the Countess of Carrick held her husband hostage until he agreed to marry her. 

Marjorie died in her mid-thirties. She never knew that her son became King Robert I. Or that he gave rise to the House of Stewart, a long line of Scottish kings and queens that includes the infamous Mary, Queen of Scots.

No one can ever know the impact they have on future generations. The most trivial words and actions can stir echoes that reverberate for centuries. (As can holding a man hostage until he marries you.) We believe art is the most enduring form of communication that any individual can leave behind. Art gives birth to legacies that last through the centuries. We take an altered version of Marjorie’s name in honor of her determination (albeit misplaced) and unforeseen shaping of history.

As avid supporters of all forms of art, Margery de Brus LLC is committed, first and foremost, to paying artists for their work. We will never use an artist’s work and expect them to simply feel thankful for the privilege. We may not be able to pay much, but we will always pay. “Starving artist” is a phrase that should not exist. 

Margery de Brus LLC is registered as a “B” Corporation in the state of Pennsylvania. “B” stands for Benefit. Our commitment, according to the bylaws of our company, is to pay artists first, donate to art related causes second, and then worry about paying shareholders. As a B Corporation we do not have to make shareholder profits our number one concern. And we don’t.

Why do we do this?

Art is suffering. 

In our capital-focused world, art is dropped from funding, laughed at as a career option, and discouraged as a serious pursuit. Unless there's some form of commercial appeal, art is overlooked. For those brave enough to pursue studies in the arts, the ending is too often a large amount of student debt and no real job prospects. Art is a side hustle; office jobs pay the bills.

We want to change that.

Our mission is to promote artists by providing creative spaces, steady incomes, and community support for their work.

Margery de Brus will start with literature and grow from there. Our first anthology is slated for eBook release in April 2019 and print release in May 2019. Royalties from publications will be used to fund future artists.

Arguably, the most stunning art in history came from the Renaissance period. And those works were backed by wealth. The most notable patrons were the Medici's who sponsored artists like Michelangelo, da Vinci, and Botticelli. Granted, the conditions under which some of the artists worked were not ideal, and the model isn't without its flaws. But it's our starting point. A base to build upon.

Surprisingly, the trend of sponsoring art is growing again. Numerous articles have been published over the past two years regarding Angel Investors for artists. The idea is to treat artists like start-up companies by providing financial backing and security so the artists can grow and flourish.

Our goal is to make art a viable career choice once again. We're taking small steps, but we have big plans for the future! Subscribe to our mailing list for the latest updates.

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