Today, Tomorrow, Always: Volume One

Today Tomorrow Always: Volume One is an eclectic, entertaining, and thought-provoking mix of short stories. In our first anthology, we bring you a literary-scifi-speculative fiction mashup at its finest. Images of war and robots, Catholic Cardinals and queer lovers, Nazi occupation and forced marches throughout history live side-by-side in this intriguing and page turning collection. You’ll put down the book and question everything you think is real, only to pick the stories up and read them again.

You don't have to take our word for it...we made Indie Reader's Best Reviewed Books of the Month. Check out the full review on Indie Reader.

Available in paperback, eBook and audio on Amazon.

Ten stories are included in this anthology:

And I Will Grow Flowers from Their Steel Bones by Brandon R. Chinn 

Multilinear Memories by Gwen Tolios

Trinity by Melissa Crandall

Why Dr. Dre's 50th Anniversary Revisit of The Chronic Is the Future of Live Performance by Glen Engel-Cox

Marching by Arthur M. Doweyko

Dreams of War by Martin Webb

Cardinal Knowledge by Daniel Hand

Aufmachen by Cheryl Wollner

Egg Toast by Elise Thi Tran

Skylight by Avra Margariti  

Click the image to order a copy on Amazon!

Click the image to order a copy on Amazon!

Contributor Biographies

Avra Margariti


Avra Margariti is a queer Social Work undergrad from Greece. She enjoys storytelling in all its forms and writes about diverse identities and experiences. Her work has appeared in Wolfpack Press, The Writing District, Dime Show Review, and Page & Spine.

Elise Thi Tran

Egg Toast

Elise Thi Tran is an Asian-American writer from Elmhurst, Illinois. She has been previously published in Spry literary journal and the Kenyon Collegian Magazine.

Cheryl Wollner


Cheryl Wollner’s fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Junto Magazine, Unbuild Walls, Polychrome Ink, One Person's Trash, Brooklyn Magazine's Book Section, The Best of Loose Change Anthology and others. Her short story "Girls Who Dance in the Flames" won the Raven Short Story contest and will be featured in Pulp Literature's Spring 2019 issue. She is a literary magazine reviewer for New Pages, a prose reader for the journal Five on the Fifth, and a fiction reader for Swamp Ape Review. She's currently pursuing her MFA in fiction at Florida Atlantic University and working on a novel about Bess and Harry Houdini.

Daniel Hand

Cardinal Knowledge

Daniel Hand is a British author, historian and full-time dad (not necessarily in that order) whose, um, “eclectic” writing covers everything from jungle warfare to mental health to young men falling in love with dead princesses. His short fiction has appeared in Tales of Ruma, Myriad Lands, Swords and Sorcery Magazine and several other venues, and he has contributed essays to such publications as Death by Effigy and Dekho!, the journal of the Burma Star Association. He is co-founder and chair of the International Writers Fellowship and has finally started to admit to himself that he might have a book problem. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has met him.

Martin Webb

Dreams of War

Martin Webb was born and raised in Africa and now lives in England. He writes day and night, spending far too much time pondering new ideas and far too little time pursuing potential homes for his work. Martin has had a number of flash fiction pieces published. He is currently in the final stages of editing his second crime novel.

Arthur M. Doweyko


In Arthur Doweyko’s scientific career, he has published more than a hundred articles, patents and book chapters. His recent turn to fiction has resulted in several novels including Algorithm (winner of a 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award, pub 2014) and As Wings Unfurl (Best Sci-fi novel, RPLA, 2014; pub 2016 by Red Adept). Many of his published short stories have garnered awards, including several Honorable Mentions in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future competitions, as well as first place in the Preditors and Editors Readers Polls, and as Finalists in the Florida Writers Association annual Royal Palm Competitions. A recent short, Nothing to See Here, was published in Escape Pod (2017).

Glen Engel-Cox

Why Dr. Dre's 50th Anniversary Revisit of The Chronic Is the Future of Live Performance

Glen Engel-Cox has had short stories published in Empyreome Weekly Flash Fiction, a Tor anthology (Alternate Presidents, edited by Mike Resnick), New Pathways, Just Because, and as a chapbook by Roadkill Press. His novel, Darwin’s Daughter, is available on Amazon from Blue Agama Books.

Melissa Crandall


Melissa Crandall writes speculative and fabulist fiction, and narrative nonfiction. Her work has appeared in The Wild Musette and JEMA (Journal of the Elephant Managers Association) among others. Her latest book (working title The Man Who Loves Elephants) will be published next spring by Ooligan Press, God willing and the creek don't rise.

Gwen Tolios

Multilinear Memories

Gwen Tolios a bioromantic ace writer currently living in Chicago. She shares space with an adorable cat who refused to cuddle and spends her 9to5 crunching numbers. She's previously been published in the The Overcast podcast, as well as The Love Anthology. You can follower her on Twitter or Instagram as @GwenTolios.

Brandon R. Chinn

And I Will Grow Flowers from Their Steel Bones

Brandon R. Chinn is the author of the Kognition Cycle series and the epic poem the Mistake of the World. He has been published in Moonchild Magazine, Mortimer Megazine and is forthcoming in Twist in Time Magazine. Brandon lives in the Pacific Northwest, and immensely enjoys anything nerdy (mostly video games). He works on too much at once. You can check out his work at and geek out with him @brandonrchinn on Twitter.